Empty Emails Open a Can of Worms for Mint.com

Call it the Case of the Empty Emails.

Mint.com sent its members scores of empty emails, and the rash of odd transmissions has its members wondering what is going on at the online personal finance management service owned by Intuit.
Mint acknowledges that it sent the emails from stage-mini@mint.com late last Tuesday, and blames the errant missives on a “misconfiguration of our email provider” as a result of “testing something on our staging server.”
The explanation is not ringing true with Mint members, some of whom received more than a dozen empty emails.
“I don’t buy it,” one member wrote on Mint’s site. “Mail servers don’t arbitrarily send mail.”
Mint says it is “putting in measures to ensure this never happens again,” but some members apparently won’t be satisfied with that.
“It seems that all Mint is good for these days is broken personal finance management,” one wrote. “I can’t think of one thing that Mint’s ‘done’ lately that hasn’t been broken.”
Ouch. The Case of the Empty Emails just got harsher.
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