Zakat, Space Coast CU Among the Most Downloaded iPhone Apps

  • Philip Ryan
  • November 16, 2012
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Newcomers Zakat and Space Coast Credit Union Mobile entered the Top 20 Most Downloaded Apps this week, while Paypal resumed its familiar spot at the top of the rankings.

Zakat — not to be confused with Zagat — is a new app that likely will not stay in the Top 20 for long. Its name means “almsgiving” in Arabic, and it is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The app is a project of the NGO Human Appeal International, which supports Muslim causes around the globe. The app allows users to calculate their net worth in order to determine the amount of zakat they can give — typically 2.5%.

Space Coast Credit Union is based in Melbourne, Fla. It has 300,000 members and $3 billion in assets.

Here are the Top 20 Finance Apps for the iPhone this week. Numbers in parentheses indicate movement over the most recent rankings. Asterisks indicate apps that were not in the Top 20 as of the last counting:

1. PayPal (+3)
2. Bank of America (+1)
3. Chase Mobile (-1)
4. Capital One Mobile (-3)
5. Wells Fargo Mobile (0)
6. (+2)
7. American Express (-1)
8. Zakat (*)
9. Pageonce (-2)
10. Citi Mobile (+1)
11. Discover Mobile (+2)
12. USAA Mobile (-2)
13. Credit Karma (-1)
14. Yahoo! Finance (-5)
15. Bluebird by American Express(+)
16. US Bank (-2)
17. Space Coast Credit Union (*)
18. Fidelity Investments (-3)
19. Barclaycard (+1)
20. LearnVest (*)

The PFM app LearnVest is new to the rankings, but hasn’t strayed far from the Top 20. Last week it missed the rankings by only a few spots.

Big drops were recorded by Yahoo! Finance (-5) and Fidelity Investments and Capital One Mobile, which both dropped three spots. The megabanks and PayPal continued their dominance near the top of the rankings, along with the ever-popular

Greatest Jump in Ranking: Zakat

Largest Decline in Ranking: Yahoo! Finance

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