Customers of first direct Polled on Card Redesign



First direct has moved closer to finalizing a redesign of its credit cards.

First direct announced progress on its credit card redesign in the first direct Lab blog on December 6. In what could be the last step before finalizing a new design, first direct Labs is presenting A and B versions of its cards for customer vote. First direct is considering a change from its signature black-and-white look (retained by its debit cards) to a neutral beige for its Gold card and a flat silver for its Silver card.

The A version features the word “Credit” in a large outlined typeface, while the B version does not. Both versions look good to us, but we’re not first direct customers.

A redesign process was completed for first direct’s debit cards earlier this year. The impetus behind the credit card redesign was feedback that the debit and credit cards looked too similar.

Soliciting votes is a great way to get feedback from customers, but you can never please everybody. One customer commented: “Everything about first direct is black and white. Why are you trying to introduce another color? Leave the cards black. Its easy to identify in my wallet and looks good. Please don’t change it.”

Bank Innovation commented that first direct’s labs had been quiet in October. About two months later, the credit card redesign initiative appeared.

No word when the redesign polling will close.

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