Pageonce Expands Bill Pay Capability

  • Philip Ryan
  • March 11, 2013
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creitcards_pageoncePersonal finance and payments company Pageonce has expanded its bill pay capabilities with its March 10 iOS update. The Android update was released March 7.

The service now allows card-to-card payments, meaning customers can pay credit card bills using a debit card. Whenever Pageonce touches credit cards, however, there are fees. A transaction fee applies when users pay a credit card bill with a debit card, and when any bill is paid with a credit card.

The moral of the story is it’s difficult to make money on debit cards, but credit cards are still going strong in this regard. This applies for rewards programs as well, which is why rewards tend to be so much more robust on the credit side. The Durbin Amendment capping debit card fees is of course a big reason why.

Pageonce recently introduced the Pay Anyone service, a P2P service that takes aim at the personal check.

Pageonce processes more than $1 million in payments a day.

The update is available for iOS and Android devices.

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