Card Rewards Company Myze to Launch New Venture

  • Philip Ryan
  • August 9, 2013
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myze_mysteryMyze, a startup that pushes deals and rewards based on a customer’s location, preferences and credit card portfolio, is preparing the launch of a parallel venture in another platform, Bank Innovation has learned.

Currently, the company is focused on its mobile app.

Details are sketchy at this point, but the San Francisco-based company says it’s “about to” launch a new product that will also focus on helping customers get the most out of their credit cards, accessing rewards and offers they may not have known existed.

Myze claims it can save the average customer $450 a year by matching up the customers’s cards to its rewards database, which they hope to make the world’s largest. Myze’s personalized location-based service automatically indicates to its customers which credit card to use at the point of purchase, and directs them to nearby deals and offers.

Users enter cards, set reward preferences, and Myze notifies them of rewards in real time, based on location. The service also works online, as a browser plugin. It would also make a valuable component of a mobile wallet offering.

Myze earns money by generating leads for credit card providers.

The company’s mission, according to CEO Yuval Yifrach, is “making sure we get to consumers whenever and wherever they shop.”

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