VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson Touts Capital One’s New Quicksilver Card


What’s in your wallet? (And what does your wallet say?)

Capital One is known both for its card products and the celebrities that energetically promote them. Alec Baldwin, Gordon Ramsay, Jimmy Fallon, those vikings… Samuel L. Jackson is the newest spokesman for Capital One, promoting the McLean, Va-based bank’s new cash back card, dubbed Quicksilver.

The ad mocks rewards cards that change which categories get the deepest discounts and cards that require updating every quarter to get the best rewards. Instead, Mr, Jackson says, Quicksilver gives “Unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase everywhere every damn day.” Well played, sir.

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    1. Be thankful people he didn’t say “every GOD DAMN DAY!” You know that’s what he wanted to say.

    2. Everyone should complain directly to Capital One like I did last week. They actually read my email and responded the next day. No company likes negative feedback. If everyone here did that we might make a difference. Chances are they won’t be reading this blog for feedback. We have to stand up and tell “them” what we think.

    3. I’ve had enough!!! Of Samuel Jackson and Capital One!!! For about two weeks, Capital One has carried Samuel Jackson as a spokesman for the bank At the end, he clearly states, in a foul tone of madness and bitterness!! who is the man angered, and WHY!!! I bank at Capital One and someone needs to speak to the managers and Board of Directors!!!! Jackson will never accept blame, nor criticism! The banks should apologize and bring back the”Cave Men!

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    5. I don’t know why you people have to get so DAMN butthurt over the man saying a simple word, DAMN you people are a disgrace. I’m sure you have said much worse things then the one simple word the man has said. You DAMN hypocrites.

    6. So many prudes in American society. They would faint at the sight of television in other cultures.

    7. Everyone has words they don’t think others should use.

      Including this jerk.

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    9. In my mind, these are one of the greatest sequence of commercials in the history of the medium. Jackson is just plain damned good!

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