The Credit Map

  • Arjan Schütte
  • December 18, 2013
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Following the Payments Map of companies serving the Emerging Middle Class, here’s The Credit Map.  A handy dandy guide for seeing how all the pieces fit together and a decent sample of who are the movers and shakers.  These companies were key in generating $71 billion in consumer revenues in 2012 by issuing approximately $300 billion in various shapes and forms of credit, from auto titles to secured credit cards to pawn and the more out there “future earning lenders” and “employer lenders.”  I hope it’s useful.

Core's Map of Credit

Who’s here? LexisNexis, Exeter, Tricolor, Westlake, Wells Fargo, Clarity, L2C, FactorTrust, Zest Finance, Regions Bank, BillFloat, LendKey, Neo Finance, Contigo, FairLoan, Aarons, Clear Creek, NetCredit, Progreso Financiero, EZ Pawn, LendingClub, Pave, La Curacao, LendUp, Think Finance, Cash America and EZ Corp, to name a few (and bump my SEO).



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  1. You’re missing OnDeck – they are the best player in small biz lending

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