M-Pesa is Smoking Bitcoin in Number of Transactions

The media is abuzz with bitcoin stories, but the cryptocurrency’s number of transactions is essentially flat since its 2009 launch. Meanwhile, M-Pesa, the mobile money movement service that began in Kenya in 2007 and has since spread to other financially underserved countries, is seeing steady growth in number of transactions. The chart below from economist David Evans starkly depicts the different paths bitcoins and M-Pesa are taking.







UPDATE: Here is the data Bob refers to in his comment below.


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    1. This information is completely inaccurate. You should check your sources before you post. It makes you look inept.

      Here is the correct information from Blockchain. Which is only about 10% off of Mpesa.


      • Thanks for contributing, Bob. The post has been updated with the Blockchain data, which shows, contrary to what David Evans wrote, bitcoins at about 70% of M-Pesa transactions.

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