Wells Fargo Scores ~100k Audience for New Small Biz Site

foodtruck_wf2Wells Fargo & Co., which tends to launch standalone marketing sites more than the average bank, appears to have scored with its new Wells Fargo Works for Small Business website, launched last quarter.

John Shrewsberry, senior executive vice president and chief financial officer of the bank, told investors yesterday that Wells Fargo Works “has resulted in strong engagement with small businesses across the country, including millions of views of our online video series and increased traffic to wellsfargoworks.com.” Wells Fargo Works was one of the few 2Q initiatives the bank boasted about during its earnings call yesterday.

We are not sure about the “millions of views,” but Wells certainly seems to have tapped into something with its Wells Fargo Works.

According to Compete.com, WellsFargoWorks.com posted around 98,000 unique visitors last May and another 94,000 in June. The site was launched in April. Meanwhile, Wells increased the number of its primary business checking account customers, which serves small businesses, by 5.2% last quarter from the same quarter in 2013.

Wells Fargo Works offers mainly video content on starting a business, running and business and growing a business. For example, the site offers a useful video on how to prepare for a client meeting. Wells customers can also order a customized business credit card from the site that includes their logo or image.

The site mainly intended for online consumption, but is also optimized for mobile.

While traffic already slid from May to June, and some of Wells’s other dedicated sites don’t seem to be generating meaningful traffic, Wells Fargo Works seems like evidence of good execution at the San Francisco bank.

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