60% of Amazon Shoppers on Dec. 26 Used Mobile Devices

  • Philip Ryan
  • January 2, 2015
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© Can Stock Photo Inc. / 350jbIt was a very happy holiday season for mobile commerce.

Happy, that is, if Amazon is any indicator for the rest of the industry. The online retail giant released data indicating that nearly 60% of shoppers on the day after Christmas did so using mobile devices, according to a report from Mobile Commerce Press

Other tidbits from Amazon’s data:

  • Sales through Amazon mobile app doubled in 2014
  • Cyber Monday remains Amazon’s most active single mobile shopping day
  • But Black Friday is catching up: Sales grew more quickly on Black Friday than any other day
  • Amazon shoppers showed particular favor for electronics, which can be high-value items.

Amazon offers low prices, free shipping on many orders, and unparalleled variety. But satisfaction with Amazon dropped this year, according to a customer satisfaction study from customer analytics firm Foresee, an Answers company. Amazon’s score on a 100-point scale dropped to 83 from 88 last year, and it now shares the top spot, which it has held for four years, with the retail television channel QVC.

“Amazon’s inability to deliver adequately against its customers’ expectations, particularly when it comes to product pricing, has opened the door for other retail brands this year,” said Jim Yang, senior vice president of products, marketing and services for Answers Cloud Services, also an Answers company. Competitors such as Walmart are now able to compete with Amazon on price and shipping costs, and customers are increasingly aware of this, according to the Foresee study.


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