Top 20 Finance Apps: Apple Watch Bill Pay Climbs in Ranking

  • Aliza Hornblass
  • July 23, 2015
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chronicleWhile there was some movement in the rankings this week, and an exciting newcomer joined the mix, most apps held their places.

The top three spots on both app lists remained the same as last week, with Chase Mobile taking No. 1 in the iOS store and Credit Karma in Google Play. PayPal maintained its No. 4 spot in Google Play and moved up to match that ranking in the iOS store. Bank of America also maintained its spots at No. 5 and No. 2 in Google play and the iOS store, respectively.

There were a few interesting movements in Google Play this week. Acorns shot up from the No. 20 spot last week to No. 10 this week. Money Network Mobile App moved up a spot to No. 16, continuing its impressive run. Yahoo Finance, on the other hand, fell down to No. 20 this week — perhaps its time in vogue is over?

On the other hand, there were many non-movements this week. Google Wallet maintained the No. 7 spot from last week, and Square Cash also maintained its position at No. 12.

Over in the iOS store, we have a dark horse: Chronicle (full name: Chronicle – Bill Management and Reminders), at No. 19, calls itself “the easiest, fastest bill manager in the App Store.” It reminds consumers to pay bills on time and stores record of bills in the cloud. It was recently updated to work on the Apple Watch.

A few more surprises on the iOS store include the reappearance of the Progressive app in the ranking, coming in at No. 16. Last week, we declared Progressive done for in the Top 20, but it’s proven it’s not down for the count just yet. PNC Mobile Banking has advanced to No. 18 from No. 20 last week, and rounding out the iOS store ranking is Acorns at No. 20. We had expected it to climb in the rankings, given its appeal to millennials and the general excitement around the investment space today.

These lists were retrieved at approximately 9 AM Eastern time from App Annie.

iOS Google Play
1. Chase Mobile  Credit Karma
 2. Bank of America  Chase Mobile
 3. Wells Fargo Mobile Wells Fargo Mobile
  4. PayPal  PayPal
 5. Capital One Mobile  Bank of America
 6. Venmo  Capital One Mobile
 7. Credit Karma  Google Wallet
 8. Square Cash  GEICO Mobile
9. Mint  Venmo
 10. Amex Mobile  Acorns
 11. Discover Mobile  Amex Mobile
 12. GEICO Mobile  Square Cash
 13. Citi Mobile  Discover Mobile
 14. USAA Mobile  Mint
 15. US Bank  USAA Mobile
 16. Progressive  Money Network Mobile App
 17. TD Bank  Western Union Money Transfer
 18. PNC Mobile Banking  US Bank
 19. Chronicle  Citi Mobile
 20. Acorns  Yahoo Finance


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