Top 20 Finance Apps: Chase Captures No. 1 Spot

  • Aliza Hornblass
  • July 9, 2015
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© Can Stock Photo Inc. / Paha_LChase’s mobile app has captured the No. 1 spot on Google Play.

This week’s top 20 finance apps included even more overlap then last week. Chase Mobile captured the top spot on both the iOS and Google Play stores. The app has not been updated since May 30. Wells Fargo took No. 3, and PayPal was No.5 on both as well. Credit Karma (last week’s Google Play No. 1), Discover Mobile, and Navy Federal Credit Union also did double duty.

Google Play’s top 20 apps seem to be much more mainstream then last week. But a new dark horse did creep in: Acorns, at No. 11. Acorns is a sophisticated automatic investment tool with no minimum amount required to begin investing. Though the download is free, users are charged $1 a month and a less then 1% management fee of total assets in their account. But our biggest Google Play surprise of the week is that one of our dark horse apps from last week, Money Network Mobile App, has not only stayed in the Top 20 but moved up two spots, to fifteen from seventeen. The members of the Money Network seem to be growing in number. Money Network members receive a prepaid card with cashback rewards.

The iOS store’s ranking also has a few surprises tacked on to the end. At No. 19 is Yahoo Finance. It was updated only this week, on July 6. In its online store description, a recommendation from a user drew a parallel between it and Yahoo’s much-loved weather app; perhaps this is the cause of its many downloads. And rounding out the list is Progressive at No. 20. GEICO Mobile has been a constant on out lists. This week, it moved from No. 13 to No. 12. Progressive seems to be attempting to unseat GEICO on the mobile app front, a proxy fight for their struggle to dominate the insurance market.

These lists were retrieved today at approximately 9 AM Eastern time.

iOS Google Play
1. Chase Mobile  Chase Mobile
 2. Bank of America  Credit Karma
 3. Wells Fargo Mobile  Wells Fargo Mobile
  4. Capital One Mobile  Bank of America
 5.  PayPal  PayPal
 6. Venmo  Capital One Mobile
 7. Credit Karma  Google Wallet
 8. Mint GEICO Mobile
9. Amex Mobile  Venmo
 10. Square Cash  Discover Mobile
 11. Discover Mobile  Acorns
 12. GEICO Mobile  Square Cash
 13. USAA Mobile  USAA Mobile
 14. Citi Mobile  Mint
 15.  US Bank  Money Network Mobile App
 16. TD Bank  Western Union Money Transfer
 17. PNC Mobile Banking  Navy Federal Credit Union
 18. Navy Federal Credit Union  US Bank
 19. Yahoo Finance  Citi Mobile
 20. Progressive  Amex Mobile
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