Top 20 Finance Apps: There’s No Place Like HOME

  • Aliza Hornblass
  • July 16, 2015
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canstockphoto3899246Chase, Bank of America, and Credit Karma continue to duke it out for the top spot among finance apps.

In Google Play, Credit Karma unseated Chase Mobile from the No. 1 spot this week, while Bank of America fell to No. 5. However, on the iOS side, Chase retained the top spot, Bank of America stayed at No. 2, and Credit Karma fell from No. 7 to No. 8. Wells Fargo Mobile retained the No. 3 spots on both lists from last week. PayPal maintained its position at No. 5 in iOS and moved up to No. 4 on Google Play.

The most surprising dark horse app this week is HOME by Fannie Mae. According to the iOS app store, HOME is an app that guides the user through the home-buying process. It came out of nowhere to No. 9 on the iOS store list. It’s only up to version 1.0.2, meaning that it’s fairly new, and was last updated July 10. Perhaps the success of this app says good things about the housing market?

Another surprise this week was the Acorns app in the iOS app store. Acorns was last week’s dark horse in the Google Play store, coming in at No. 11. This week in the Google Play store, Acorns comes in at No. 20, but on iOS, it’s No. 16, up from not being on the iOS list at all last week.

Last week we noted Progressive Mobile’s presence on the iOS app store’s list. Well, this week it isn’t here, while its rival GEICO Mobile moved down a place in both iOS and Android to No. 13 and No. 9, respectively. (We suppose Progressive was less of a threat to GEICO than we imagined.)

And finally, we welcome a new banking app to the iOS list: PNC Mobile Banking! According to its app store profile, the PNC app is only available for PNC customers. Perhaps PNC has either begun marketing its app more aggressively, or has experienced a spike in new customers? Yesterday, Bill  Demchak, president, chairman and chief executive of PNC, told bank investors that PNC last quarter saw “primary digital channel usage” among its customers exceed 50% of its customer base for the first time. Welcome to the rankings!


iOS Google Play
1. Chase Mobile  Credit Karma
 2. Bank of America  Chase Mobile
 3. Wells Fargo Mobile  Wells Fargo Mobile
  4. Capital One Mobile  PayPal
 5. PayPal  Bank of America
 6. Amex Mobile  Capital One Mobile
 7. Venmo  Google Wallet
 8. Credit Karma  Amex Mobile
9. HOME by Fannie Mae  GEICO Mobile
 10. Mint  Venmo
 11. Square Cash  Discover Mobile
 12. Discover Mobile  Square Cash
 13. GEICO Mobile  Mint
 14. USAA Mobile  USAA Mobile
 15. Citi Mobile  Western Union Money Transfer
 16. Acorns  Yahoo Finance
 17. US Bank  Money Network Mobile App
 18. Navy Federal Credit Union  US Bank
 19. TD Bank  Citi Mobile
 20. PNC Mobile Banking  Acorns


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