Hot Hashtag: TD’s #BankHuman 3.0


A still from TD Bank’s initial “Bank Human” TV campaign

This week we’re looking at an upcoming Twitter campaign that builds off one which I have written about before, TD Bank‘s #BankHuman. TD is beginning a new iteration of the #BankHuman campaign.

In launching what it calls #BankHuman 3.0 on July 27th, TD said: “[#BankHuman 3.0] centers on what customers need by highlighting common pain points such as the natural tendency to run late, the desire for convenience and the need to balance spending and saving, recognizing that customers’ problems are important to them. The campaign takes a light-hearted, entertaining approach, rather than heavily promoting the bank’s products and services.”

Another key hallmark of this campaign is its omni-channel approach, which reflects TD’s commitment to enabling seamless access to full-service banking over whatever channels customers may prefer. This aspect of the campaign includes commercials in movie theaters and on Hulu, and interactive billboards responding to customer Tweets.

TD Bank uses social media effectively in its marketing, but it’s ironic that the bank decided to begin calling its ad campaign “#BankHuman 3.0.” They have been using the hashtag continuously since its inception in 2013, so it’s hard to argue that this campaign will be its own animal. And perhaps the commercials will be all-new, but as I wrote in my last post on #BankHuman, TD has already used many of the same tactics it highlights in 3.0, particularly the interactive billboards.

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