Top 20 Finance Apps: Google Wallet Still Tops Android Pay

  • Philip Ryan
  • November 2, 2015
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walletGoogle Wallet is still “money” — but that’s hardly encouraging news for mobile payments at the point of sale.

A month and a half or so into the life of Android Pay, Google Wallet, now essentially a peer-to-peer payment app, is still more popular. It’s called Google Wallet (New) in Google Play because Google Wallet (Old) became Android Pay. The enduring popularity of Venmo and Square Cash on both iOS and Android is also notable — P2P is popular. Still, Android Pay being the tenth most downloaded finance app is not too shabby. Apple Pay is not app-based — maybe it would do better if it was. the app is reported to have just 1.4% iOS user penetration.

On the iOS side, Stash Invest, which launched in August and updated its app to v. 1.0.1 on Oct. 29, was a surprise at #14. Stash allows users to buy fractional shares of stocks for as little as $5 per transaction. A surprise on the Android side was MileIQ, a mileage tracking app to help with IRS-compliant expense accounts, at #16.

Chase Mobile retains the overall top spot in the iOS Store for finance apps, while Credit Karma rules on the Android side.

Top 20 rankings are below. App data was retrieved around 5 PM EST Friday.

iOS Apps Android Apps
1. Chase Mobile Credit Karma
2. Bank of America Mobile Chase Mobile
3. Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Mobile
4. Paypal Bank of America Mobile
5. Credit Karma Google Wallet (New)
6. Capital One Mobile PayPal
7. Venmo CNBC
8. CNBC Capital One Mobile
9. Square Cash Venmo
10. Mint Android Pay
11. Amex Mobile GEICO Mobile
12. Citi Mobile Mint
13. GEICO Mobile Square Cash
14. Stash Invest Western Union
15. Discover Mobile Progressive
16. USAA Mobile MileIQ
17. Progressive Money Network
18. US Bank Mobile Citi Mobile
19. Western Union Discover Mobile
20. PNC Mobile Amex Mobile

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