Top 20 Bank Video Ads of 2015 – Page 2

  • Philip Ryan
  • December 14, 2015
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15. Bank of Ireland brings up the old roommates versus girlfriend trope. It works out for the bank though, and its impressive mobile mortgage functionality.

14. Check out this completely bizarre Citigroup video about a wrecking ball/pinata party. You sort of get what it’s about if you make it to the end.

13. Wells Fargo & Co. has an effective and sweet small business spot with this one. Featuring a startup, a garage, and a nice guy with a beard.

12. American Express dials up the celebrity power in this spot about the long and difficult road to success.

11. HSBC takes us on a journey forward through time — some great 70s haircuts and suits get us started — in a spot about a businessman and an elevator — a lift, rather.

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