Coolest Brands 2016: Digital Asset Holdings

Making Blockchain Boom

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / sirosiroIt is interesting to note that globally there has been something of a systematic crackdown on bitcoin. The enforcement actions here and there amount to a collective thumb on the digital currency. Which is yet another reason why it is noteworthy to see blockchain become so unabashedly hot in fintech today. To some, blockchain is the cure-all for seemingly every trading inefficiency, well, anywhere.

With the jolt of a rocket launch, Digital Asset Holdings LLC, founded in 2014, has become the go-to startup for the Age of Blockchain over the last couple of months. Heck, when Goldman Sachs makes an investment in the very startup that can perhaps trim some of the inefficiencies the investment bank perpetrates, as GS did earlier this month, that’s something. Even Bank Innovation has been pinged by investors trying to figure out a way in. (HyperLedger, one of the companies Digital Asset acquired to establish its base of technology demo-ed at Bank Innovation’s 2015 Seattle event.)

And it is not just the company that has become synonymous with blockchain. Blythe Masters, its CEO, is suddenly making news any time she says anything about blockchain. Just the other day, Reuters ran an article with the headline, “Blockchain initiative is drawing in regulators, says Blythe Masters.” Well, if Blythe Masters says it …

All this makes Digital Asset Holdings hypercool right now. The company has an important try with ASX, the Australian stock exchange, and if the startup can successfully use its blockchain technology to facilitate ASX trades, there is no limit to where Digital Asset Holdings can go. Think of it as stage two of its rocket launch.

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