Biometrics Beats Blockchain at Bank Innovation 2016

  • Philip Ryan
  • March 2, 2016
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judges (courtesy @jillcastillla)

Judges Phil Ryan, Scarlett Sieber, Ryan Caldwell, Matt Wilcox, and Sam Maule. Photo: @JillCastilla

SEATTLE – In the end, it came down to biometrics versus blockchain.

Eleven companies were awarded slots in the DEMOvation Challenge, which took place yesterday here at Bank Innovation 2016, our annual first-quarter event. They were:

  • Asignio – authentication solution
  • Autobooks – payments and accounting software for Fis
  • Bankfacil – Sao Paulo-based secured credit platform
  • Dyme – text-based savings tool
  • ESignLive – e-signature solution for digital documents
  • Ledger Technologies – cryptocurrency hardware solution
  • Obloco – a receipt capture solution for FIs
  • Raistone, Inc. – digital asset management system using distributed ledgers
  • SayPay Technologies – voice biometrics for digital commerce
  • Sparado – an app that rewards good financial behavior
  • Sweep – personal financial management — but no budgeting!

The startups demoed in two groups and attendees judged them via the conference mobile app. Raistone, Inc. topped the voting for the first session, and SayPay Technologies took the spot in Session 2. Raistone uses distributed ledgers to reduce risk on digital asset transfers. SayPay creates spoken codes — combinations of numbers — to authenticate users.

Then it was up to the judges: Sam Maule of C&G; Matt Wilcox of Fiserv; Scarlett Sieber of BBVA; Ryan Caldwell of CFSI; and Phil Ryan of Bank Innovation.

While Raistone’s solution for securing the transfer of digital assets impressed the judges, SayPay’s potential application in the Internet of Things and with customers with disabilities won the day. By a 3-to-2 vote, the judges awarded SayPay the laurels, and a box of Seattle treats.

A hearty congratulations to SayPay and runner-up Raistone, as well as all the demo companies.

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