Breaking Banks: FinTech, FemTech and Finding New Voices [AUDIO]

  • Brad Bergan
  • March 25, 2016
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Freshly jet-lagged from Dubai, Brett King brings us a multicultural smorgasbord of new fintech spokespeople with social equality on the mind.

Both the financial and tech worlds have reputations for being male-centered work environments. Analogous to the technological disruption we see in financial services, there is a movement to bring women’s voices to the conceptualization and development of new technologies. King’s host today, Sam Maule, created a site — — to highlight the contributions that women leaders are bringing to fintech. In this episode, Michelle Kantics, Founder and CEO of BankersLab, and Tahira Dosani, Director of Portfolio Engagement at Accion Venture Lab, join Maule for a conversation about their work and the new opportunities that fintech provides to new voices in both the financial and tech worlds.

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