Google Pushing for More Fintech Biz

Google is offering up its machine-learning infrastructure to “cool fintech startups.” The Google Cloud Computing allows for massive — and we mean massive — database queries, and offers the infrastructure to build deep machine-learning at scale.

Rene-Paul Lafarie, a Google System Engineer with requisite long beard, said this Cloud Computing system was a platform developed internally that Google has decided to make open source. The open source library, called TensorFlow, competes with IBM’s Watson, for example.

Lafarie, who represented Google at today’s FinDEVr event in New York, said the search giant specifically is not pitching the platform to huge FIs. “There are lots of cool startups that can use this,” he said. “Machine learning is important enough that we want to share it.”

Lafarie said the Cloud Computing offer to fintech is specifically not a derivative of Google’s financial services endeavors, such as Google Wallet or Android Pay.

The underlying message seems to be that Google can integrate through Cloud Computing to any number of to-be-massive fintech startups — and that, in turn, will likely fuel Google’s cash cow: search.

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