Capital One Repeats #RoadToOne Hashtag With Similar Success [VIDEO]

  • Brad Bergan
  • March 23, 2016
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Credit Card BankingThis week we’ve kept an eye on Capital One’s March 14th relaunch of #RoadToOne hashtag, the bank’s proprietary handle on its sponsorship for NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament.

With a Twitter reach of over 7.5 million, CapOne’s branding is clearly winning more followers than a bank would otherwise expect.

Sprinkled across the bank’s Twitter page are a series of short comedy sketches featuring longtime CapOne pitchman Samuel L. Jackson, with director Spike Lee and player-turned-announcer Charles Barkley. Since their first appearance together last year, the trio have performed in a number of sports-themed marketing for Capital One cards and services.

This is the second year Capital One has put this deadpan trio — and the accompnaying hashtag– into practice. So what’s new? Several of the skits from this year’s campaign were used last year (e.g. “Louisville”), to much the same effect. However, the company’s application of multi-channel messaging for its March Madness marketing is impressive. Notable inclusions are Capital One’s Bracket Challenge, whose homepage features an actor displayed once for each bracket and domestic partner.

The ads rely on the audiences’ familiarity with the participants rather than giving information about the cards, or Capital One. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

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