It’s Getting GUI Out There

canstockphoto7503136All that GUI out there might just change fintech forever.

Increasingly, developer-level applications are offering up their wares not as “only a math Ph.D can figure it out” interfaces, but with GUIs that even I can work with. A GUI, of course, is a graphical user interface, and having one means non-technical — or, at least, not-so-technical — developers can use it.

This GUI trend was on display this week at FinDEVr here in New York. Flybits, Financial Apps and were just some of the development-level companies that are offering GUIs to their services. Streamdata, which builds realtime financial content APIs, even took the time to show during its presentation how its content looks to users, to developers, and on its backend, where all the coding is.

Flybits, as another example, offers a drag-and-drop mobile banking app development interface. Want a mortgage offer to Ficos 724 or higher based on proximity to a branch beacon? Just drag it into a widget box and, voila, there it is on your mobile banking app. No iTunes update required.

Below is an example of how game features can be enabled via Flybits:

This development toward GUI at the developer level has profound implications. It allows for a wider breadth of developers with varying skill levels to engage with fintech development. It also takes the app development outside of the sole jurisdiction of guys with long beards who sustain themselves on Coke and pizza for months on end. In other words, it democratizes fintech development to the point where the focus can increasingly move to the application or product from the development logistics.

See, it’s good to get GUI.

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