Top 20 Apps: Credit Karma Claims No. 1 Spot in App Rankings

  • Brad Bergan
  • March 25, 2016
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Credit Karma and Chase Mobile are old rivals for the top ranking in iOS and Android for finance apps. But after three weeks, Credit Karma unseated Chase Mobile this week on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Packed below the new leader and the newly demoted Chase Mobile are Bank of America and Wells Fargo, for both platforms. PayPal, the third-party payments platform, retained its No. 5 spot on Android, but was TKO’d to fifth place on iOS from No. 1 just last week.

A new entry to the Top 20 is USAA Mobile, which has been on the forefront of voice banking innovation. USAA was the first to try out Nina, an artificial intelligence voice recognition system, whose newest partner in voice banking, Santander UK, is an institute to keep an eye on in the coming months.

Third-party financial services provider can still hold their own, despite the fall in popularity of PayPal’s apps. PayPal still has a significant market share of mobile payments preference, raking in 63% of surveyed mobile wallet users. A new study published by Javelin reported that over half of FI mobile wallet users preferred to stick with their bank, as opposed to third party FIs like PayPal or Venmo.

The other third-party payment apps dominated the remaining five of the Top 10 this week. Google Wallet, for example, retained rank at No. 8. Meanwhile, Android Pay, Google’s product-based mobile wallet, bumped up to No. 17 from No. 18 this week.

GEICO auto-insurance closes the Top 10 on both iOS and Google Play, while IRS2Go fell out of the Top 10 to No. 11, even though Tax Day in the U.S. is coming soon.

Mint, the money management app owned by Intuit since 2009, still ranks among the 20 most popular apps. It fell to No. 12 on iOS to week, but rose to No. 15 on Android.

The rankings, retrieved from App Annie at around 9:00 a.m. (ET) on Friday, appear below.

iOS Google Play
1. Credit Karma 1. Credit Karma
2. Chase Mobile 2. Chase Mobile
3. Bank of America 3. Bank of America
4. Wells Fargo 4. Wells Fargo Mobile
5. PayPal 5. PayPal
6. Capital One Mobile 6. Capital One Mobile
7. U by BB&T 7. IRS2Go
8. Venmo 8. Google Wallet
9. Square Cash 9. Venmo
10. GEICO Mobile 10. GEICO Mobile
11. IRS2Go 11. Western Union
12. Mint: Money Manager 12. TurboTax
13. Mile IQ 13. Square Cash
14. Amex Mobile 14. MileIQ
15. Western Union 15. Mint: Personal Finance
16. Discover Mobile 16. U by BB&T
17. TurboTax 17. Android Pay
18. Citi Mobile 18. Xoom Money Transfer
19. Acorns 19. Progressive
20. USAA Mobile 20. Citi Mobile


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