Conquer the World with GroupStake, WealthVenue and OpenDime

  • Brad Bergan
  • April 20, 2016
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Silhouette of a Ferris wheel on a background of red skyLast week featured an attractive amalgam of startups varying in their sectors of innovation, but this week we can speak more candidly.

Want to rule the world?

Do you have a few friends who feel the same way? Follow along and you may extend your future-perfect Legion of Doom’s reach to a global scale and magnitude none can resist.

1. GroupStake is a common platform for friends to invest in the stock market as a group, sharing in risk to play at a higher-stakes table. The idea is to model the successful and fun structure of investment clubs in the virtual world. As of yet there is no way to manage an investment club online, so there is no way to manage an investment club online, so there is consequently no way to engage members in the traditional manner to which they have become accustomed.

GroupStake uses Robinhood’s API to execute trades commission free of charge, while also adding the social factor to investing. This intensifies the impetus to learn, so an investor’s educational level doesn’t fall behind her peers’.

Now your Legion of Doom has the funds to shake the Earth, but you won’t harm a fly if your funds are a mess. How to keep track?

2. WealthVenue provides low-cost smart wealth management practice for all retail investors, regardless of magnitude of wealth, in order to extract the greatest leverage-value from invested money. This is done by offering several smart portfolios with automated rebalancing strategies in Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). As a result, retail investors have online access to the best practices of portfolio management services at an extremely low cost.

The startup’s flat fee structure is relatively simple, which means no extra complexity emerges to charge for as the client’s portfolios increase in value, leaving them with full-bore access to totally accounted and organized capital.

Moreover, since WealthVenue’s smart portfolios have direct and automatic access to global markets, clients will always already have a quick 360-degree view of ready and willing financial products to invest in.

It’s all well and good to have the capital funds’ source in big-name, shared risk, high-stakes investment, and even better to have the resulting wealth totally ready for deployment — but how can one’s Legion of Doom deploy the wealth without being seen? Online transactions are tracked, and Bitcoin trades are no exception, despite popular conceptions to the contrary.

How can we distribute actionable and key payments worldwide, sans trace and risk?

3. Enter Opendime, which describes itself as the first bitcoin bearer bond allowing users to spend bitcoin more like dollar bills. More explicitly, Opendime is a disposable hardware wallet to be used like cash. With the length of a pen drive and a width a little less than a dime’s diameter, Opendime works with any USB port, acting as a read-only flash drive.

That means it works with any computer, laptop and phone. Stored within the Opendime are a QR picture and text file containing bitcoin address and support. Because a private key is randomly generated inside the device upon first downloading a bitcoin amount and location file, there is no need to worry about the payer reacquiring or withdrawing the bitcoin payment back at a later time — Trust is not a variable because to possess the Opendime is to be the sole proprietor of the key.

This makes bitcoin payment as simple (or secret) as a handshake.

Some might remember other physically-adapted digital currency technological hopefuls like Case, the extra-thin and paper-light mobile wallet, auto-connected to the internet and capable of simplifying bitcoin transactions to three steps. However, it wasn’t meant to be disposable, and, though fairly small, it’s still a bit like carrying around an extra phone or old-fashioned iPod mp3 player, and — does anyone still use those?

But — to return to paying undercover assassins — Opendime is like a piggybank, in that you must destroy it to access the key and spend the funds. This might sound wasteful, but since there is no way to pass an already-opened Opendime for a closed one, it may become the choice method of discrete, any-amount payment.

Now: go forth and conquer!

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