Tax Preparation and Investment Apps Rise in Rankings

  • Brad Bergan
  • April 14, 2016
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Hanging bridge in fogCredit Karma is still king, but tax preparation apps and investment apps also made a strong showing in this week’s app rankings.

This week in the chronicles of apps in the shadow of Credit Karma’s dynasty (first of its name, guardian of credit), some interesting newcomers have joined the top 20 this week. Capital One Mobile and Venmo both moved up a rank, and U by BB&T has completely vanished from the top twenty! Upon closer inspection, the app’s latest download was released on February 1st of this year — so perhaps there’s no need to fret.

Further down on iOS, we see Robinhood and Acorns at 18th and 20th place, respectively. Robinhood is a popular free stock trading app for investors weary of arbitrary buy-ins to get in the market. Acorns is a new personal finance app that invests spare change gradually, building a portfolio for the user. Here’s to investment, conscious or not!

Tomorrow is the deadline for filing taxes and tax preparation apps made a strong showing this week for both iOS and Android. IRS2Go, through which users can check the status of their tax returns, proved less popular than TurboTax — signs of procrastination before taxation, perhaps?

The rankings, retrieved from App Annie at 9:15 a.m. (ET) on Thursday, appear below.

iOS Google Play
1. Credit Karma 1. Credit Karma
2. Chase Mobile 2. Chase Mobile
3. Bank of America 3. Bank of America
4. PayPal 4. Wells Fargo Mobile
5. Wells Fargo Mobile 5. TurboTax Tax Return App
6. Capital One Mobile 6. PayPal
7. Venmo 7. Capital One Mobile
8. Turbo Tax 8. Venmo
9. Square Cash 9. Google Wallet
10. GEICO Mobile 10. MileIQ
11. Mint: Money Manager 11. GEICO Mobile
12. Amex Mobile 12. Square Cash
13. Mile IQ 13. IRS2Go
14. Discover Mobile 14. Western Union Money Transfer
15. Citi Mobile 15. Capital One Wallet
16. Western Union 16. Mint: Personal Finance
17. IRS2Go 17. Progressive
18. Robinhood 18. Acorns
19. USAA Mobile 19. Xoom Money Transfer
20. Acorns 20. Citi Mobile


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