Top 20 Apps: Farewell to Robinhood and Acorns

  • Brad Bergan
  • April 21, 2016
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waiting for the trainIn the second month of Credit Karma’s dynasty, first of its name, lord of our financial hindsight, some significant shifts in app downloads and usage occurred.

PayPal was knocked down to fifth place on iOS, close to mirroring its sixth place home on Google Play. Likewise, Wells Fargo Mobile fell to sixth place, now pushed against the PayPal-owned payments app Venmo.

The culprit of iOS’s top-five shuffle was Capital One, which jumped from sixth to fourth. Square Cash took Turbo Tax’s eighth place on iOS’ side, the latter of which fell out of the top ten, as tax season becomes only a happy memory.

A newcomer to the top twenty made it all the way to ninth place, an extraordinary feat for any app. Called Elan Credit Card, whose French name (translating to force) is proving itself a force to be recognized, the poly-functional portfolio is worth a thousand-yard gaze. Once thought an underused card, since 2011, online applicants for credit cards through small banks or credit unions have been increasingly handled and serviced by Elan.

On Google Play’s side, IRS2Go shot back into ninth place, knocking Google Wallet to eleventh, which in turn tripped GEICO Mobile down to thirteenth place. On a sad note, a personal favorite has been knocked out of both top 20 lists: Acorns is gone. This is curious, seeing as the startup just landed a $30 million investment from PayPalRobinhood also departed iOS’s Top Twenty — was it just a flirtation with tax refunds? Formerly at eighteenth, the up-and-coming stock investment app for the young and distrustful removed the money wall of buy-ins has a lot of potential value. To note, its 800,000 person-long waiting line was just admitted in toto. That should help with its rankings.

The rankings, retrieved from App Annie at 9:15 a.m. (ET) on Thursday, appear below.

iOS Google Play
1. Credit Karma 1. Credit Karma
2. Chase Mobile 2. Chase Mobile
3. Bank of America 3. Bank of America
4. Capital One Mobile 4. Wells Fargo Mobile
5. PayPal 5. TurboTax Tax Return App
6. Wells Fargo Mobile 6. PayPal
7. Venmo 7. Capital One Mobile
8. Square Cash 8. Venmo
9. Elan Credit Card 9. IRS2Go
10. Mile IQ 10. Mile IQ
11. GEICO Mobile 11. Google Wallet
12. TurboTax 12. Square Cash
13. Amex Mobile 13. GEICO Mobile
14. Mint: Money Manager 14. Western Union Money Transfer
15. IRS2Go 15. Capital One Wallet
16. Citi Mobile 16. Mint: Personal Finance
17. Discover Mobile 17. Progressive
18. USAA Mobile 18. Citi Mobile
19. Western Union Money Transfer 19. Xoom Money Transfer
20. Progressive 20. Discover Mobile


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