Pay With Venmo App Service Live For ‘Select Users’

  • Diana Asatryan
  • May 17, 2016
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venmoIt’s not just P2P anymore.

Venmo’s in-app payment feature is live, and select “lucky users” can already use Pay with Venmo in participating iOS apps, the company announced in an email today.

We’ve emailed everyone who can start using Venmo to pay in select apps. Didn’t get an email? Right now we’re limiting availability, but stay tuned — we’re adding users regularly, and will let you know when you can start paying!

Sit tight, Venmo faithful. They’ll get to you.

Gametime, an app that provides last-minute event tickets, and food delivery service Munchery, are among the companies that have integrated Venmo payment method in their apps. PayPal One Touch has vastly broader reach. Users can now either set up preferences on the “Purchases” page of the Venmo app, or use the Venmo option straight from the partnering apps, the company said. The feature will also remember the purchase prices, do the splitting math, and send users reminders to “split.”

Bank Innovation first reported on the planned feature back in 2014. Pay with Venmo is similar to the existing Pay with Paypal feature, except it specifically targets the e-commerce market in the key 18-35 demographic. It apparently replaces the similar functionality of Venmo Touch.

PayPal’s Chief Executive Officer Daniel Schulman said last month during Paypal’s earnings call that Pay with Venmo is coming soon to the entire customer base:

We made good progress with our Pay with Venmo pilot. Early customer results and feedback have provided strong validation around the demand for Venmo as a way to pay in-app. This feedback has helped us to finetune our processes, procedures and value proposition. And we have now widened our pilot to include approximately 550,000 Venmo users. We are on track to expand to more merchants and open the service to our full Venmo customer base in the second half of this year.

It is still unclear what new merchants and apps will be using Venmo’s payment feature.

(Don’t we all?)

Additionally, users that are particularly proud of their Pay with Venmo purchases, can post those on the Venmo feed along with “favorite emojis,” the company said.

Here’s how the splitting payments feature looks.





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