Bank of America Quietly Surpasses 20 Million Mobile Users

  • Philip Ryan
  • June 22, 2016
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Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America has passed the 20 million mark in active mobile users.

No announcement was made, but a spokeswoman for the bank disclosed to Bank Innovation yesterday that the milestone has been crossed. The bank reported 19.6 million mobile users last April in its 1Q earnings report, and quarter-over-quarter growth was 4.4%, which meant hitting 20 million this quarter was nearly a foregone conclusion.

According to FDIC data, Bank of America has nearly 69 million deposit accounts, so mobile users represent around 30% of the bank’s deposit customer base.

BofA is the second bank to reach the 20 million mark. JPMorgan Chase & Co. was the first U.S. bank to get to the threshold approximately one year ago. Chase had 23.8 million mobile users at least count, also in April. Wells Fargo is third in AMUs, with around 17.7 million at last count.

Bank of America Monthly Users

Bank of America, uniquely, also reveals its percentage of deposits via mobile — in April, it was 16%. (Some banks such as PNC reveal “nonbranch deposits,” which includes ATMs and other sources besides mobile.)

Mobile is all part of the wider picture for optimizing the customer experience, said Hari Gopalkrishnan, BofA’s CIO for client-facing technology at the bank. “How channels come together — a seamless bridge from mobile to the call center, for example — is critical. The customer experience has to span channels, and our focus has to be not channels or products but customers.”

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