TD Bank Revamps Mobile App with ‘20 New Features’

  • Diana Asatryan
  • July 8, 2016
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TD BankTD Bank’s U.S. mobile customers just got a major app upgrade.

Tablet users, your upgrade is coming in the fall, Bank Innovation has learned.

TD’s iOS users (finally) have the option to skip the passwords and make use of Touch ID. Customers also got a greater transfer functionality, allowing them to schedule one-time or recurring payments. Along with “20 new features,” customers can view transfer history, view check images, and view statements going back seven years, Mike Coyne, SVP of digital program strategy, next generation platform at TD, told Bank Innovation.

Overall, the app is fully redesigned, with a “fresh new look” and easy-to-use navigation, Coyne said.

This is an improvement from our previous app, with a clear upgrade to navigation and overall customer experience. Consumers rely on their smartphones at every intersection of their daily lives. We continue to assess all forms of biometric authentication for both iPhone and Android. Our customers have high expectations – they expect speed, security and advanced technology. We will explore ways to exceed those expectations and deliver a seamless, convenient experience to our customers across all channels.

The bank will introduce an updated tablet app this fall, with similar functionalities to the new mobile app, Coyne said.

Touch ID and transfer scheduling features are not new in the mobile banking space, but are certainly welcome. TD’s app was introduced on Tuesday, and iOS users have already noted the improvements. One user commented in an APp Store review:

It is about time that TD Bank got with the program and updated their app. Gone are the huge pixelated screens. Finally we get the clean HD look. Well, I don’t really have much to say except that, you know, it’s cool that us TD Bank users now also have a normal app like all the other banks. You guys were the last in the race. Do you really compliment someone for last place? Then again, better late than never.

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