BankMobile Seeks College Ambassadors to Spread Education and Awareness

  • Grace Noto
  • August 16, 2016
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“Start ‘em young” is a motto that can be applied to a lot of things in life, but isn’t often used in tandem with providing financial knowledge.

Changing this is the goal behind BankMobile’s second annual BankMobilist College Program, for which applications for the 2016-2017 school year are now open. The program is seeking college students around (c) Can Stock Photo the country to serve as financial “ambassadors” or “BankMobilists” in the program, which allows them to both learn and spread financial awareness on college campuses across the USA.

They do this, according to BankMobile co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Luvleen Sidhu, through “word of mouth, social media, and swag.”

“The point of the program is really to educate young Americans about financial security, and to raise financial awareness,” said Sidhu. “We want to change the financial landscape of America to one of financial empowerment.”

This is the second BankMobilist Program “America’s Largest Mobile First Bank” has held, with the first beginning in September 2015, the same year that the bank itself was established as the digital banking division of Customers Bank.

BankMobile currently has around 2 million customers. It had 61 “BankMobilists” in the program last year working around the country as “part of its #BankForLife movement by spreading the word that there is finally a bank that you can love!”

According to Sidhu, the goal of the program is to spread financial awareness, not open bank accounts. However, the expanded social aspect of the program, which now includes a new free course where users can learn the basics of finance with lessons about budgeting, investments, and student loans (ugh), has the dual benefit of building strong financial foundations and letting consumers know that there is a bank that can provide them with “a digital, effortless, and financially empowering experience.”

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2 thoughts on “BankMobile Seeks College Ambassadors to Spread Education and Awareness

  1. Nurturing “Financial Ambassadors” from college campuses is a welcome step. It appears that this is just the beginning of a much larger vision by the management of Bank Mobile and Customers Bank. The key word here is “Financial Empowerment” – “being in control of your own finances”. More than any law or legislature, these programs may have a very large positive impact on timely repayment of student education loans

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