Top 20 Finance Apps: Chase Mobile vs. Credit Karma

  • Grace Noto
  • August 4, 2016
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Chase Mobile and Credit Karma are locked in a struggle to claim the number one slot among finance apps this week, with Chase Mobile topping the iOS charts and Credit Karma emerging as number one for Google Play. PayPal and Wells Fargo Mobile also vied for spots four and five on the lists, with Bank of America Mobile coming in before both of them at third for both iOS and  (c) Can Stock PhotoGoogle Play.

Credit Karma is second on the iOS side. PayPal’s payments app Venmo has moved down to the sixth slot in the rankings, followed by Stash Invest and Square Cash in the seventh and eighth spaces. PayPal itself is currently number five in the rankings, below Wells Fargo Mobile in slot four.  Capital One Mobile and Capital One Wallet  round out the top ten, in spaces nine and ten, respectively. Old friends Citi Mobile and GEICO Mobile are in spots eleven and twelve.

PayPal currently sits at spot number four on Google Play, with Wells Fargo Mobile having moved down to five. Venmo and Square Cash file in at slots seven and eight, below Capital One Mobile in spot six. GEICO Mobile and Citi Mobile are also present here, at nine and ten, with Capital One Wallet following after at eleven. Stash Invest appears at number twelve, followed by Western Union Money Transfer and Google Wallet.

The money manager service Mint remains in the top 20 for iOS at slot 13, but has dropped to number 21 on Google Play. Meanwhile, the Acorns app has moved far down both the iOS and Google Play rankings, occupying slot 18 for iOS but not coming in close to the top 2o for Google Play, at number 33.

The rankings, retrieved from App Annie around 5:45 PM on Wednesday, are as follows:                                                           

iOS Google Play
1. Chase Mobile 1. Credit Karma
2. Credit Karma 2. Chase Mobile
3. Bank of America 3. Bank of America
4. Wells Fargo Mobile 4. PayPal
5. PayPal 5. Wells Fargo Mobile
6. Venmo 6. Capital One Mobile
7. Stash Invest 7. Venmo
8. Square Cash 8. Square Cash
9. Capital One Mobile 9. GEICO Mobile
10. Capital One Wallet 10. Citi Mobile
11. Citi Mobile 11. Capital One Wallet
12. GEICO Mobile 12. Stash Invest
13. Mint: Money Manager 13. Western Union Money Transfer
14. Discover Mobile 14. Google Wallet
15. Western Mobile 15. Experian: Free Credit Report
16. Amex Mobile 16. EveryDollar: Budgeting
17. USAA Mobile 17. Xoom Money Transfer
18. Acorns 18. Progressive
19. Progressive 19. Discover Mobile
20. Navy Federal Credit Union 20. USAA Mobile


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