Top 5 Fintech Raises: Point, Promoboxx, DueCourse

  • Grace Noto
  • September 20, 2016
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Even though we’re not seeing quite as many raises as in previous years, fintech funding doesn’t seem to be in any danger of disappearing. This last week, investors went for platforms in mobile development, cloud-based Big Data, cloud-based invoicing, home equity funding, and marketing. This brings us to our top five fintech raises of the week:


Fintech startup Point just raised $8.4 million in a Series A (led by Andreessen Horowitz, which also led the raise of the company’s seed funding), bringing total funding to $15.4 million. The company offers homeowners the ability to invest in their own homes through equity funding, essentially allowing homeowners to bet on the price of their own homes to create liquidity—like stocks. The new funding will reportedly be used for the company’s expansion, and further innovation in its home pricing engine and online platform.


Boston-based marketing startup Promoboxx raised $8.2 million in a Series A in a round with six investors, with Ascent Venture Partners and Grotech Ventures as the leads in the round. The service, which brands itself as the only marketing platform of its kind, matches national brands with local retailers in order to drive sales, a business model inspired by CEO Ben Carcio’s memories of the way his parents ran a successful small business in New England.


This Manchester, U.K.-based cloud service—which offers invoice financing for SMEs—has just raised £6.25 million (or around $8.15 million, if you’re on this side of the pond) in new funding. The company pulls data from several cloud accounting services including Xero in order to help smaller businesses access cash that was previously snarled in unpaid invoices. Aside from this new funding, DueCourse is reportedly planning to raise additional funds in a Series A to help them expand the business globally.

Big Cloud Analytics:

This big data analytics company (you’d never have guessed) raised $4.5 million in a Series A during with Edison Partners as the lead and sole investor. The company provides predictive analytics technology for application to Internet of Things devices, among others. The company’s analytics enable real-time predictions for its clients in the financial services industry, as well as clients in healthcare or social media.


A fresh-faced startup out of London (founded in 2015), Curve raised $3 million, or around £2.2 million, as a post-seed raise which should help the company get to the Series A funding it needs to fully develop its service. Curve wants to integrate all of your banking cards into one physical card and one mobile app, available both for iOS and Android users. The company built its service on the Mastercard network and it works like this: the physical card costs you an upfront fee of around $50 dollars in the States—around £35 on its home turf—and once that’s paid and you’ve installed the Curve app, you can input as many bank cards into the app as you like. And, once that’s done, the cards sync up with the physical Curve card, and as a user, you adjust which bank cards are associated with the Curve card for any given situation. The card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted (so, anywhere, really) and is expected to publicly launch its product early in 2017.

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