Venmo, PayPal Both Among Top 10 iOS, Android Apps

  • Grace Noto
  • September 29, 2016
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The Chase Mobile app and Credit Karma app top this week’s list of finance apps, with Credit Karma dominating Google Play and Chase continuing its iOS reign.

But the surprise of the week may be be that PayPal Holdings owns two apps in the Top 10 on both platforms. Venmo is 3rd and Paypal 4th on iOS, and PayPal is 2nd on Android while Venmo is 7th.

Chase and Credit Karma, those two giants-among-apps, have been vying for the top spot in each platform week by week, only overtaken in brief surges by apps like Venmo, which shows that people really like emojis, even in finance.

In other news, Android Pay is in the Top 20 this week on Google Play (obviously) in the twentieth space. Simple is not in the Top 20 for either platform (93rd on OS and 66th on Google Play) despite its new shared accounts feature Simple Shared—though that just rolled out today, so give it time.

With this new feature, Simple users can reportedly keep their own personal accounts, but switch over to shared accounts with roommates, significant others, or anyone else when they need to combine money. Users can also switch between personal and shared accounts on the app interface with one tap, making it easy to track the balance in each—or use the other features Simple offers, like setting savings goals or paying bills.

The app rankings, retrieved from App Annie at around 3:oopm Wednesday, are below:

iOS Google Play
1. Chase Mobile 1. Credit Karma
2. Credit Karma 2. PayPal
3. Venmo 3. Bank of America
4. PayPal 4. Chase Mobile
5. Bank of America 5. Capital One Moible
6. Wells Fargo Mobile 6. Wells Fargo Mobile
7. Capital One Mobile 7. Venmo
8. Square Cash 8. Google Wallet
9. Citi Mobile 9. Square Cash
10. GEICO Mobile 10. GEICO Mobile
11. Mint Money Manager 11. Capital One Wallet
12. Discover Mobile 12. Citi Mobile
13. Navy Federal Credit Union 13. Western Union Money Transfer
14. Amex Mobile 14. Experian-Free Credit Report
15. Credit One Bank Mobile 15. Progressive
16. Capital One Wallet 16. Stash Invest
17. Western Union Money Transfer 17. Navy Federal Credit Union
18. Progressive 18. Xoom Money Transfer
19. USAA 19. Credit One Bank Mobile
20. Acorns Invest 20. Android Pay
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