Wells Fargo Mobile App Still In Google Play’s Top 10, Despite $185M Fine

  • Grace Noto
  • September 14, 2016
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It shouldn’t be a surprise to see Credit Karma’s mobile app in this week’s top slot for finance apps on Google Play—finance-wise, that seems like the app to beat—but what is a little surprising is the continued reign of Venmo on the iOS side.

PayPal’s P2P service app is on a second-week streak on this platform, so the service must be doing something right for Apple users; and while Credit Karma is once again sitting atop the Android finance app throne (which it evidently only vacates for short periods), Android users are still fond of the service, with Venmo still on top at number five.

Also surprising to some might be the high rankings of the Wells Fargo Mobile app, at sixth and seventh on Google Play and iOS, respectively; high placements considering the $185 million the bank was ordered to shell out this week and the ensuing outrage.

The fine is due to the discovery that, apparently without the knowledge of management, its employees opened more than a million fake credit and online banking accounts to meet quotas set for the bank—using email addresses like noname@wellsfargo.org, which, come on.

This reportedly resulted in the termination of some 5,300 of the bank’s employees for improper sales practices, but regardless of this week’s turmoil the bank’s app remains in the top ten for both platforms.

Citi Mobile also remains on the list for both iOS and Google Play this week, so maybe the sweepstakes Citi began in July  is already having positive effects. The contest is rewarding Citi customers who “go digital”–you know, really hitting that vast untapped market of people who…aren’t…digital?

The rankings, retrieved from APP Annie at 3:30pm on September 13th, are as follows:

iOS Google Play
1. Venmo 1. Credit Karma
2. Credit Karma 2. PayPal
3. Chase Mobile 3. Chase Mobile
4. PayPal 4. Bank of America
5. Bank of America 5. Venmo
6. Capital One Mobile 6. Wells Fargo Mobile
7. Wells Fargo Mobile 7. Capital One Mobile
8. Square Cash 8. Square Cash
9. Citi Mobile 9. GEICO Mobile
10. GEICO Mobile 10. Western Union Money Transfer
11. Western Union Money Transfer 11. Experian-Free Credit Report
12. Mint Money Manager 12. Citi Mobile
13. Amex Mobile 13. Google Wallet
14. Discover Mobile 14. Progressive
15. CreditWise from Capital One 15. Xoom Money Transfer
16. Progressive 16. Capital One Wallet
17. USAA Mobile 17. CreditWise from Capital One
18. Navy Federal Credit Union 18. Mint Personal Finance
19. U.S. Bank 19. Stash Invest
20. Mile IQ 20. Discover Mobile
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