Apple Pay, Masterpass Come to MTA eTix

  • Grace Noto
  • October 5, 2016
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Earlier this week, it was announced that both Apple Pay and Masterpass are now integrated into MTA’s eTix, meaning that the millions who use the MTA trains to get into and out of New York City every day can purchase tickets digitally.

The announcement was made yesterday and changes went into effect today.

“Masterpass is simplifying the check-out process through this in-app application; anywhere across the MTA people will be able to purchase their tickets safely, securely, and quickly,” said Linda Kirkpatrick, senior vice president of U.S. market development for Mastercard. “From my perspective, running from meeting to meeting, I’ll certainly be leveraging it.”

Not to oversell it, but electronic tickets might make the history books as one of the greatest things we’ve come up with in this century, particularly when combined with the transportation industry.

Particularly, the transportation industry in New York City, which is—look, okay, just take a minute and explore #LIRR or #metronorth on Twitter; that will give you a fair inkling of the types of feelings New York MTA trains typically inspire.

Note that eticketing works on MTA commuter lines — Metro-North and Long Island Railroad — but not the New York City subways. The eTix app launched this summer.

With the new integration of Apple Pay and Masterpass, users will not only be able to skip the 5pm lines to buy tickets, but they will also be able to buy them more securely.

Masterpass stores all of a customer’s data, so users only need to type in those details once, and then that user can quickly pay for their eTix with one tap—which is great for those moments when you’re running through the station with your giant teddy bear to make a train that leaves in five seconds.

Happens to us all.

“This is really going to reduce that consumer friction and bring customers really into the mainstream of electronic devices,” says Kirkpatrick, adding that transit on a global scale—expanding past trains to all transportation—is definitely a focus for Mastercard, as is the security of customer data. “Customers are safer using Masterpass; the efficiency is just gravy.”

eTix buyers will also be able to leverage Apple Pay, which also allows for quick and secure payments—users simply have to click “Pay with Apple Pay,” which completes the payment using the service’s Touch ID feature. Apple Pay does not store user data but instead assigns a Device Account Number to customers and authorizes each transaction with a unique security code.

Now, granted, eTix won’t solve broken railings, bridge strikes, or signal problems, all of which occurred today, but even Apple and Mastercard can’t fix everything at once. Give them time.

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