Capital One Blankets Mobile Space with 3 Apps in Top 20

  • Grace Noto
  • October 6, 2016
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Credit Karma is king of both mobile platforms this week, but it may have a challenger rising in the ranks.

PayPal follows at second and third in Google Play and iOS, respectively. That’s not a surprise, but Capital One having not one, not two, but three apps in the top twenty in both platforms, is.

For iOS, Capital One Mobile is in sixth, Capital One Wallet is in seventeenth, and CreditWise from Capital One rounds out the list at twenty. CreditWise serves much the same function as Credit Karma.

On Google Play, Capital One Mobile is in fifth place, the Wallet app is still at seventeen, and CreditWise has shuffled into spot nineteen, while EveryDollar Budgeting is in spot twenty.

What’s in your phone?

CreditWise, a newcomer to the rankings, was formerly known as CreditTracker. It allows users to both check and improve their credit score by using the included credit simulator to see how decisions might impact their scores.

Capital One has also recently announced an update to its security, notifying users that they might see identity verification screens pop up on their accounts. This careful approach to consumer concerns might be what’s helping the company do so well the mobile space, at least for this week.

As we’ve also noted, the bank is also the only financial institution that is currently utilizing Alexa, making them the first to really explore how voice could change banking.

In other app news, rounding out the top five on iOS are Chase Mobile, in second place, Venmo in fourth (meaning PayPal still has two apps in the top twenty, a noteworthy achievement) and lastly Bank of America in fifth—maybe the bank’s newest blockchain experiments will bump it up to number one eventually, though it will have to beat Chase’s Ethereum experiment, Quorom.

On Google Play we see pretty much the same lineup in the top, excluding Venmo—Credit Karma and PayPal are followed by Bank of America, Chase Mobile, and of course Capital One Mobile in fifth place, but Venmo is still in the top ten at lucky number seven.

The app rankings for both platforms, taken from App Annie yesterday, are below:

iOS Google Play
1. Credit Karma 1. Credit Karma
2. Chase Mobile 2. PayPal
3. PayPal 3. Bank of America
4. Venmo 4. Chase Mobile
5. Bank of America 5. Capital One Mobile
6. Capital One Mobile 6. Wells Fargo Mobile
7. Wells Fargo Mobile 7. Venmo
8. Square Cash 8. Square Cash
9. GEICO Mobile 9. Google Wallet
10. Citi Mobile 10. GEICO Mobile
11. Mint Money Manager 11. Stash Invest
12. Credit One Bank Mobile 12. Western Union Money Transfer
13. Discover Mobile 13. Experian-Free Credit Report
14. Western Union Money Transfer 14. Citi Mobile
15. Amex Mobile 15. Progressive
16. Progressive 16. Navy Federal Credit Union
17. Capital One Wallet 17. Capital One Wallet
18. USAA 18. Get Paid Today–Activehours
19. Navy Federal Credit Union 19. CreditWise from Capital One
20. CreditWise from Capital One 20. EveryDollar: Budgeting
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