PayPal Adds Ability to Pay with Siri — But Not iMessage [VIDEO]

  • Philip Ryan
  • November 10, 2016
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PayPal is joining the platform party on iOS.

In September, Venmo — along with Circle, neobank Monzo, and Square Cash — took advantage of the platformization of Siri and iMessage and tied their services into the voice and text-based mediums.

Today, PayPal added the ability to send and receive money to contacts via Siri — but not iMessage.

A PayPal spokeswoman offered the following: “Sending and receiving money from friends and family has long been one of the most popular activities on PayPal. PayPal users love the freedom of mobile devices, with nearly $26 billion in mobile payment volume in Q3 2016—an increase of 56% year-over-year. We are excited to make it easier than ever for PayPal app users on the Apple iPhone to send and request money.”

We asked PayPal why Venmo works on both Siri and iMessage and PayPal’s functionality is more limited, and will update this post if appropriate.

The video below illustrates the feature.

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