Top 20 Bank Video Ads of 2016 — Page 3

  • Grace Noto
  • November 1, 2016
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10. TD Bank goes straight for your feelings in this ad as it gives back to its own customers, and it totally works.

9. Want a little look at the future? PwC Nederland’s got you covered. Spoiler alert–the world may have changed a lot, but you’ll still run on that morning espresso.

8. Want to find inner peace, or pay your friend back for all that cheese? Good thing there’s Venmo–happy hour has never been easier. Also, miniature horses.

7. Apple’s ad for Touch ID is about more than just banking–but banking is one of the key things you can use the feature to unlock, and is the first use case mentioned in the spot. As an ad, it doesn’t quite beat the company’s “Onions” advertisement, which also ran this year, but it’s certainly earned its spot on this list.

6. Remember when Wells Fargo was the bank that protected you from fraud? This advertisement aired back in February and was clever at the time–a little push towards the company’s products with some lighthearted teasing about that friend we all have that has to take pictures of all their food. Now, it just makes you shake your head.

Wells Fargo Bonus Video

This video is not an advertisement, but it is certainly one of the most iconic banking videos of 2016. For your viewing pleasure (or misery) we’re bringing back Elizabeth Warren and John Stumpf.

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