Breaking Banks: Fintech, From Helsinki to Tokyo [VIDEO]

  • Grace Noto
  • December 15, 2016
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breaking banksIn this episode, which aired Dec. 9, host Brett King talks augmented reality and artificial intelligence, and what effect the increased presence of that technology will have on financial services.

King recently attended the SLUSH conference in Helsinki Finland before migrating to the Fintech Japan event in Tokyo.

At both of these events, King met and interviewed industry players, including Kristian Luomo from Op-Lab, Ville Hulkko from Valossa, Megan Beck, author of the Network Imperative, Natalie Shiori Fleming and Hiroki Kudo from Fintech Asssociation Japan, and Toshi Taki from Money Forward, on the future of artificial intelligence and the dawn of augmented reality. Listen to the episode below.

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