People Still Don’t Like In-Store Mobile Payments (Even With Sales)

  • Grace Noto
  • December 1, 2016
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Online and mobile shopping represented a significant chunk of retail sales on Black Friday, as a large amount of shoppers decided not to brave the crowds at physical stores. However, even with sales incentives provided by mobile wallet services like Apple Pay, in-store mobile payments were just a tiny, tiny portion of the day’s sales figures.

According to an infographic created by payment processing firm Cayan, in-store mobile payments represented just 0.6% of Black Friday payments, which is actually double the amount seen last year. That means in-store mobile payments are growing, albeit not very quickly.

The infographic also helpfully breaks down use of mobile payments by state, with California coming out on top with the highest use of mobile wallets—a whopping 1% of sales.

If this seems discouraging to fans of mobile, Cyber Monday’s figures seem to make up for it—this Cyber Monday saw consumers spend $1.19 billion in mobile sales, which is a full 34% increase year over year. This Cyber Monday was also one of the biggest online sales day in history, with consumers spending a total of $3.39 billion, according to Adobe Digital Insights.

From the report:

Mobile performance: Conversions were higher over holiday averages, with smartphones at 1.9 percent, tablets at 3.7 percent and desktops at 4.3 percent (compared to holiday averages of 1.3, 2.9 and 3.2 percent, respectively). The average order value (AOV) on iOS smartphones ($139) was slightly higher compared to Android smartphones ($124).

Apple’s slight lead in value over Samsung might have something to do with the one-day Black Friday sale it ran for Apple Pay users.

All in all, consumers are expected to spend a total of nearly $40 billion by the time the holiday season draws to a close, and the data at hand certainly seems to suggest that mobile shopping will play a large role in that figure—so long as users aren’t paying at the point of sale.

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