Clarity Money Has 10,000 Customers Two Days After Launch

  • Grace Noto
  • January 6, 2017
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pexels-photo-164474Two days, 10,000 customers, and a steady trickle of five-star reviews later, and the launch of mobile finance management app Clarity Money appears to have had a good start toward its goal of giving consumers with more power over their financials.

“There’s nothing like it on the market, and that’s what people are saying,” says Adam Dell, CEO and founder of Clarity Money, adding that the team was “pretty happy” with the reception of the app so far. “If you think about it, consumers really don’t have a lot of leverage; what they really crave is a partner helping them through [their finances].”

Crafted to help consumers shift the balance of power from financial institutions to the consumer themselves, users can perform a multitude of function in-app in order to improve their financial wellbeing.

After signing up and linking their financial accounts, users are presented with a dashboard meant to showcase a holistic view of their finances, complete with insights and actions for improving them.

Within the app, users create a savings account, which will automatically start saving for them by withdrawing from a personal account with a few taps, cancel money-draining subscriptions, and switch credit cards to one better suited to that individual user.

“One of the other exciting features is the ability to lower your bills,” says Dell, of some of the other features the app possesses. New features like transaction monitoring or personal loans could eventually be added into the app’s repertoire, according to Dell.

The approach seems to be working out well if one goes by customer ratings–on the App Store, it’s currently rated 4-½ stars.

According to data from App Annie, the app is already rated in the top 25 financial apps (it’s currently at #24) just two days after its launch on the iOS charts; the app is currently only available for Apple devices. According to Dell, the company should make the leap to Android by the end of Q1.

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