Top 4 Fintech Funding Rounds: MissFresh e-commerce, Collibra, Dwolla, Habito

  • Grace Noto
  • January 24, 2017
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pexels-photo-196464Fintech got a fresh flush of capital this week, with some old favorites joining newer names all with innovations in big data, e-commerce software, compliance, and many more. Here are the Top 4 fintech funding rounds of the week:

MissFresh e-commerce

Beijing-based MissFresh e-commerce ‘s equity rose sharply with its latest funding round of an even $100 million, announced on Jan. 22. The company, which leverages mobile apps and shopping in its e-commerce marketplace, raised the new capital in a Series C with two investors tied for the leading spot—Zhejiang Zheshang Venture Capital and Lenovo Capital & Incubator Group were the two contributors to the round. In total, the e-commerce company has raised $182 million.


Belgian-born but New York-based company Collibra raised $50 million in a Series C this week in a round with five investors, the lead investor being Iconiq Capital. This brings the software-as-a-service company’s total equity up to $74.31 million; using its software, the company provides enterprise applications for businesses to better understand and use their data and reduce company risk.


Steady fintech favorite Dwolla announced new private equity funding of $6.85 million in a round with seven investors, with the Foundry Group and Union Square Ventures leading. Focused on online payments and bank transfers, this latest private equity brings the software platform’s total funding up to $39.3 million.


London-based startup Habito raised its second round of funding this week, announcing a $5.5 million Series A on Jan. 22, with five investors led by Ribbit Capital. The company is sweeping the mortgage industry into the digital world, leveraging technology to allow those searching for new homes to find and complete the mortgage application process as painlessly as possible. This latest round of funding pushed the company’s total equity up to about $9 million ($8.99 million for the curious.)

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