5 Innovative AIs You Should Know About

  • Grace Noto
  • March 6, 2017
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In the world of AIs and bots, it’s  no longer acceptable to call something that only checks your balance an AI.

Each of the seven companies below have announced new rounds of capital in the past few months, so they are intimately aware of the competition.

That makes it all the more important to keep an eye on these developing AIs:


Operating in one of the world’s thriving fintech hubs, Berlin-based artificial intelligence company Zeitgold aims to solve one of the age-old problems of running a business: there’s always paperwork.

First, Zeitgold instructs its clients to place all of their paperwork into a box each week. Next, the company picks the box up, rapidly scans everything, and then combines a human expert with AI technology on its mobile app to allow users access and tracking for bills, invoices, and bookkeeping. Users can also make payments through the app.

The company received its venture funding this month, about $5 million.


One of the areas of AI that has caused the most intrigue is fraud protection or detection. Based in Berlin, Fraugster was founded by veterans of SumUp and PayPal. 

Fraugster has developed an AI that watches for fraud attacks so they can be stopped before interfering with payments, authentication, and other online transactions that require businesses to share secure details.

The company’s API adds additional data points to your information, while the attached AI scans to make sure users are who they say they are. The company also offers businesses a “fraud score” based on the scan.


Meanwhile in Canada, one company is doing its part for the tech industry in Toronto. NextAI, which announced its venture funding of about $5 million in January (I’m sensing a theme here), is aiming to be the innovation hub for Canadian artificial intelligence efforts.

The company is the third project of NEXT Canada, and will provide AI entrepeneurs with space, mentorship, and access to tech tools.  

They also provide the  most important component to innovation: each project gets $50k to build out their idea. Alright for some.


This Dublin-based startup wants to make sure your AI is interacting with your customers in the right way–and it believes that for artificial intelligence, that means interacting with an actual voice as opposed to through text.

The company, which announced an $8 million funding round this month, wants to make sure your brand can employ a personal AI that uses natural language processing.

In other words, that the AI can listen, understand, and respond to requests like its human conversation partners would. It’s much harder to code it that teach it, which is why two of the most popular examples have Amazon or Google in their name.

By using the Voysis API, clients should be able to facilitate a better customer experience via mobile or another IoT device, which includes the ability to more quickly transact.


A U.S. based AI, approaching its second birthday, Clinc, wants to combine deep learning, data analytics, and natural language processing to answer all of your financial questions.

The startup announced a $6 million Series A this month, having raised its venture funding last year. The company has “trained” the AI to answer financial questions posed by the user (similar to IBM’s approach to Watson, except focused solely on financial services).




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