Blockchain VC Investment Nears $500M in 2016

  • Diana Asatryan
  • March 6, 2017
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As the buzz around blockchain fades, so does the venture capital investment in the sector.

Blockchain VC investment plateaued last year, nearing $500 million at yearend 2016 — only a 1% improvement, compared to 2015, according to State of Blockchain 2017 report published by Coindesk today.

There was a significant improvement on quarterly basis: the investment volume nearly tripled — up 188% — in 4Q, compared to the same period the year prior, credit mainly to Pay Commerce’s $22 million Series B funding.

No single sector stood out in terms of investor interest, according to Coindesk. “Public, hybrid and enterprise blockchain startups see inconsistent investment,” the report suggests.

Overall, 2016 saw 50 deals across the various sectors of blockchain. Access the full report here.

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