Kasisto Announces KAI Insights at Bank Innovation 2017

  • Grace Noto
  • March 6, 2017
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Kasisto wants to make proactivity the norm when it comes to banking.

The conversational AI company today announced KAI Insights, a data-driven service that will be integrated into its KAI for Banking platform, during the Bank Innovation 2017 event taking place in San Jose, Calif.

The integration of KAI Insights into this platform will allow banks to push personalized notifications to their customers, but that in itself is nothing new. There are plenty of bots out there that use “predictive analytics” for this purpose, after all.

According to Dror Oren, co-founder and vice president of product at Kasisto, the push can’t just include proactive data, it also has to include a way for those customers to—well, act on it.

“This is what we’re integrating—the ability to not wait for you, ping you, but we don’t stop there,” Oren told Bank Innovation. “Some will send [the notification] out and then there will be nothing you can do it about. There is the need to make it actionable.”

Kasisto’s KAI for Banking white-label platform allows banks to customize the tool according to their own specifications, which includes choice of channel (SMS, Facebook Messenger, in-app).

The introduction of KAI Insights will allow banks to send out consumer suggestions and their attached actions: things like setting up travel alerts or moving money from one account to another. It also grants the ability to let the customer know when they have achieved a set goal, like spending less on coffee.

Similar to its banking AI platform, the company also has a consumer bot which was launched in June 2016, called MyKAI. The company has already partnered up with banks like DBS Bank and Varo Money, as well as with payment providers such as Mastercard (which launched its Mastercard KAI bot for banks in October 2016).

Kasisto’s goal is not to build the best bots—hence, why Kasisto does not describe itself as a bot company—but to help both banks and consumers have better communication when it comes to their financial decisions.

“Our platform offers the same conversation standards across multiple touch points,” said Oren. “It’s not about building a bot, it’s about building that conversation.”

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