P2P Set to Grow to More Than $3B By 2020

  • Grace Noto
  • March 16, 2017
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The P2P market is set to grow to $318 billion by 2020, thanks to increased consumer desires for faster services, more convenient payment methods (such as mobile), and a decreasing interest in cash payments.

According to a report by Aite Group’s analyst Talie Baker, P2P payment volume will hit $178 billion by the end of this year.

The better question, according to the report, is who will be processing those payments.

While consumers made more transactions during 2016 through alternative payment providers at about a 2:1 divide (they sent an average of about one monthly payment through alternative providers as opposed to a 0.6 monthly average through an FI), users sent more per transaction through a traditional FI, rather than an alternative provider.

The average transaction amount last year for an alternative payments provider was $135, while for FIs it was $1,359.

More information on the report can be found here.

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