BNP Paribas Announced VR-Based Banking App

Banking consumers in Paris will soon be able to get a taste of “future banking” with a virtual reality-based app for retail banking, French bank BNP Paribas announced today.

The app, which will be demoed at the Viva Technology Fair this June in Paris, allows users to access their bank transaction records as well as move through all the many steps of a real estate purchase—all entirely reliant on virtual reality.

In addition to the mobile app, BNP will also demo a “teleportation” capsule for real estate, dubbed POD, which uses virtual reality to put a prospective buyer into an apartment or a home.

This comes after the bank’s previous brushes with virtual reality technology, including a partnership with mk2 VR—a Paris-based facility dedicated “permanently” to VR-related experiments.

The bank has also utilized VR technology to produce a 360® version of its corporate film this year—take a look at the video below:

Bank Innovation reached out to BNP Paribas for comment.

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