FIs Want to Use AI to Build a Culture of Innovation

  • Grace Noto
  • May 24, 2017
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Sure, artificial intelligence is great for data—but the majority of executives also think the technology could be used to create an innovative atmosphere within their enterprises.

More than half (57%) of executives cited “building an innovation culture” as one of their top three digital transformation goals—the other two being becoming a more agile, customer-centric business (58%), and building a mobile enterprise (51%)—a survey conducted by Infosys found.

The top technological tool for this? Artificial intelligence, of course.

Some 60% of the survey’s more than 1,000 respondents seek to use AI to provide “human-like” recommendations for (automated) customer support, while 56% want to use it for its traditional purpose of aggregating data before providing insight-driven decisions.

This speaks to a growing level of comfort with artificial intelligence technology, though most participants are still wary of self-learning systems: only 21% of respondents want to use AI to create “a decision-making system in which machine learning allows the system to learn from humans and improve itself.”

The full report may be found here.

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