INV Unfiltered: 111 Million Reasons to Ignore Millennials

  • Diana Asatryan
  • May 10, 2017
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Talk about financial innovation has centered around millennials for years now — so much so that Ron Shevlin, the industry consultant, recently called Baby Boomers the “emerging” sector in fintech.

That sector of people older than 50 now numbers 111 million — and is rapidly growing — in America. Older people have different, more-complex digital needs than millennials. Additionally, often those needs touch on their children, as well. To what degree is fintech addressing these needs? Which startups are targeting this untapped fintech market? Does fintech need to adjust to serve older people, just as banking needs to adjust to serve millennials?

These are some of the questions we pose to Theodora Lau, director, market innovation at AARP, the giant not-for-profit for older Americans. In this engaging episode, hosted by JJ Hornblass — principal of INV Fintech —  Lau offers a fascinating tour of the “other” fintech.

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