Consumers Will Always Hate Fees (Especially in P2P Payments)

Stop with the fees already.

P2P services continue to grow in popularity—no surprises there. But, there remains a segment of the population that’s refraining from downloading such services, and, one of the top reasons is a stalwart consumer unwillingness to pay fees, according to the recent Fiserv Consumer Expectations and Experiences survey.

The most common reason for not using a P2P service is just a preference for another payment method, the survey of over 3,000 participants found.

Thus, we can safely assume that consumers really really don’t like fees. It is also worth noting that arguably the most popular P2P service in-market today is still a free service.

Nonusers also cited a lack of awareness that their financial organizations offered the service. They were also unsure about whether the recipients of the payments would actually get the cash delivered to them.

Other payment methods, like mobile pay and digital wallets, are also seeing growth, according to the survey—though digital wallet adoption remains slow.

The full survey may be found here.

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